General News Updates

Apr 16, 2020/General News

Correction Officers Praised for their Dedication

At a Press Briefing on Saturday regarding the ongoing Coronavirus Crisis, County Executive Laura Curran pointed specific praise to Nassau County's Correction Officers for their hard work and dedication during these dark times.   We all know that we are the unsung backbone of the Criminal...
Apr 15, 2020/General News

James Dzurenda Confirmed as Sheriff

On Monday, James Dzurenda was unanimously confirmed by the Nassau County Legislature as the new Sheriff of Nassau County. Nassau COBA congratulates Sheriff Dzurenda on his appointment and look forward to working with him to get through this crisis and deal with many of the issues facing our jail.
Apr 10, 2020/General News

Mad Men Barbershop in Wantagh Provides Additional Mask Donation to COBA

"Mad Men Barbershop" in Wantagh has once again generously donated 1000 Surgical Masks to COBA for our members.    I cannot stress enough the appreciation we have for these local business owners who have shown their appreciation for the job that Correction Officers do and have...
Mar 06, 2020/General News

Why Our Job is so Dangerous

Over time, people tend to become acclimated to their environment, which means getting used to what's there all the time -- even if what's there is seriously dangerous. Just like drivers don't think about the possibility of having an accident every time they get behind the wheel, and...
Jan 06, 2020/General News

2019 Retiree’s Party & Retiree Journal

The Nassau County Sheriff’s Correction Officers Benevolent Association will be putting together a Journal for this year’s Retirement Party to honor those that are retiring for their years of Service.   Annual Recognition Awards   COBA Unit Recognition Sheriff...
Sep 13, 2019/General News

9/11 First Responder's Memorial

9/11 First Responder's Memorial To All COBA Members and Retirees; Today, COBA had the honor of representing Nassau County Correction Officers at the "9/11 Responders Remembered Park" in Smithtown NY. Nassau County Correction Sergeant Mark Baxter's name was added to the Memorial Wall...
Aug 06, 2019/General News

Nassau Correction Officers Honored with Citations at the Nassau County Legislature

Today, six Nassau County Correction Officers were honored for their service and actions at a public hearing of the Nassau County Legislature. In the past, Nassau Police Officers have been recognized for their actions as "Top Cops" by the Legislature, and rightfully so. Today the...
May 08, 2019/General News

Nassau COBA Monthly Podcast Episode 2 May 2019 Edition

Please click here  to hear the newest edition of Nassau COBA Monthly, our new Podcast keeping you up to date on issues that affect Nassau County Correction Officers.  
Aug 14, 2018/General News

President Brian Sullivan Interviewed on WALK 97.5

Nassau COBA President Brian Sullivan was recently on Suffolk Matters, a weekly union radio show hosted by Suffolk AME President Daniel Levler on WALK 97.5, to discuss our union's opposition to removing fossil fuel companies from the New York State Pension plan. Click the player above to listen...
May 22, 2018/General News

2018 Jetblue Plane Pull Challenge Champions

5th Year in a Row! In Support of "Joining Against Cancer in Kids"     Thanks to our good friends at JetBlue we borrow an Airbus A320 from them for the Annual Plane Pull at JFK. Teams of Law Enforcement and the U.S Military take part against each other in timed...