About the Widows and Children Fund

The Nassau COBA Widows and Children's Fund was established in 2006 to benefit the families of deceased Nassau County Correction Officers who died while in active service in the Department. Since its inception, this fund has distributed over $59,000 to the widows and/or spouses of our brother and sister correction officers who have unexpectedly left us too soon. These payments are made at the time of their death to help defray some of the funeral related costs.

Taking care of our own

This fund also sends donations during the holiday season to the children of our deceased officers every year until they reach the age of eighteen. To date, over $47,000 has been sent to these young children who have lost their parent. When it was first created in 2006, there were 8 children of deceased correction officers receiving this annual gift of $500. Sadly, over the years, that list has grown and last year we had 21 young children (under the age of 18) of deceased officers who received this annual remembrance. In the first few months of 2015, we experienced the untimely passing of two more active members, and our list has now grown to 24 young children who will not be celebrating the holidays with their loved ones.
The Widows and Children's fund also helps defray some of the costs of medical hardships that our active members are experiencing. Since 2006, over $22,000 has been distributed to our active members facing need due to medical emergencies or undue hardships.
In addition to all of the diligent efforts noted above, the Widows and Children's fund also grants scholarships to the children of active duty correction officers seeking to achieve their higher educational goals. Since 2012, when the Widows and Children's fund absorbed the responsibility of the COBA Scholarship Fund, 20 scholarships for a total of $30,000 have been awarded to our members children. Since the original inception of the Scholarship Fund in 2002, I am proud to say that a total of 75 scholarships in the amount of $112,000 have been generously granted to our members children to help them achieve their educational goals.
Throughout the year, the Widows and Children's Fund sponsors and coordinates many charitable events in an effort to raise funds for many worthy causes. Our annual events like the Comedy Night in January, the Car Show in June, the Widows and Children's John Allen Memorial Golf Outing in September, are just some of the events that we host annually to raise funds to support our charitable endeavors.


Thank you for the support over the years

On behalf of the Widows and Children's Board, I would like to thank all of our friends, supporters and vendors who participate and donate their time and money at these worthwhile events. However, the enormous financial obligations of the fund recipients continues to grow as our membership ages. That is precisely why The Widows and Children's Fund needs YOUR help to continue the good work that we do! Simply put, we need YOU to help us and below are a few ways you can do just that.
In closing, I would like to thank each of you in advance for your commitment and loyalty to our union and for helping us achieve so much success on behalf of the Widows and Children's Fund over the last 9 years. For the sake of our families and our children, we must remain vigilant and continue to do all that we can to keep this fund vibrant for many years to come.