In Response to a Recent Inmate Death, Nassau COBA President Calls on Public to Restrain from Rushing to Accuse Correction Officers of Misconduct

Date Posted: 
Jul 24, 2014

East Meadow, New York (July 24, 2014) Responding to the sudden death of an inmate who died on July 14th, Nassau COBA President John Jaronczyk said, "Our hearts go out to the family of John Gleeson Jr. during this painful and difficult time. While we understand his family's grief and sorrow, we believe it is imperative to remind the public that the sudden death of an inmate who had a serious pre-existing health condition, does not automatically mean that Correction Officers somehow failed to do what they are trained to do. There is an investigation currently underway and when it is concluded, I am confident that it will show that our officers did exactly what they are trained to do." - John Jaronczyk, Nassau COBA President

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