Nassau COBA Stands Strong

Date Posted: 
Aug 31, 2018
As the Summer nears an end, Nassau COBA is facing constant attacks. At the federal level, the recent Janus v AFSCME Supreme Court case is a direct attack meant to weaken our union and make our members less safe in one of the most dangerous working environments. Thankfully our union is staying strong and continuing to provide excellent services to our members. Click here to see some of those services and the steps that are being taken by New York State to lessen the effects of the Janus decision.

At the local level, we continue to work with Nassau County Officials and are our legal system to expose the broken criminal justice system in our county. As you will see below there have been a number of incidents that are completely unacceptable. These preventable incidents put our members safety at risk. Our elected officials must take action to ensure the safety of our jails and to keep criminals from harming the public.

Even in the face of these attacks, Nassau COBA stands strong. With Labor Day approaching, our members continue to show the value of hard work as the continue to patrol Nassau County's toughest precinct, the Nassau Jail.

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