Mad Men Barbershop in Wantagh Provides Additional Mask Donation to COBA

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Apr 10, 2020
"Mad Men Barbershop" in Wantagh has once again generously donated 1000 Surgical Masks to COBA for our members. 
I cannot stress enough the appreciation we have for these local business owners who have shown their appreciation for the job that Correction Officers do and have offered to help in this way. 
With this batch of donations, we immediately prepared "Go Bags" for our members who are out sick with confirmed COVID-19 and their families.  
We began delivering these bags to those members homes late this afternoon. 
It is my understanding that Mad Men wishes to continue donating in this manner going forwards. Any further donations will go directly to COBA Members to supplement the precious supply of N95 masks that the Dept is providing through OEM. 
Thank you sincerely Ed and Jessica Dennehy for your generous donation!!
Once this crisis is over I urge all of our members to patronize this local establishment and show our appreciation for their generosity.
Above photo: Ed and Jessica Dennehy of Mad Men Barbershop along with the COBA Executive Board, Sheriff Jim Dzurenda and EAP Liaison Joseph Collins as we receive their large donation of surgical masks. 
Mad Men Barbershop
3269 Merrick Road
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