COBA Stands With Nassau, Suffolk and NY State Court Officers In A Show Of Union Solidarity

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Dec 11, 2018
Tonight, in a show of Union Solidarity at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City, Nassau COBA stood alongside our Union Brothers and Sisters from the Nassau, Suffolk and NY State Court Officers Benevolent Associations to expose the blatant hypocrisy of the Criminal Justice System in the State of New York and in our respective Counties. We joined with them in protest at the New York State Lawyer's Association's 104th Annual Dinner Gala and in particular against the event's keynote speaker, Chief Judge of New York State Janet DiFiore. Judge DiFiore has repeatedly demonized the Court Officers Union's for publicly exposing the condition of the State Court System and the refusal to address blatant risks to Public Safety.  
The Court Officers Unions, much like us in Corrections have been suffering from dangerously low staffing levels as well as draconian budget cuts and a refusal to provide them with the proper tools to keep the public and themselves safe. 
We all firmly believe this is in a blatant effort to shrink the criminal justice system and its associated financial costs by emptying out prisons, releasing dangerous criminals immediately after arrest, not hiring proper staff and many other upcoming Bail/Jail Reforms. 
The Court Officers Unions have always supported COBA in the past and we will always be on the front lines with our Union Brothers and Sisters to expose this kind of hypocrisy at every turn.
Giving a brief press statement comparing the Court Officers problems with our own alongside COBA VP's John Hogan and Brian Doyle.
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