COBA Puts County on Notice in Support of New Sheriff

Date Posted: 
Mar 28, 2018
Message from Brian Sullivan, President
On Monday, March 26th the appointment of Vera Fludd as the new Nassau County Sheriff was approved unanimously by the Nassau County Legislature. This marks a historic moment in this County's history by Vera not only being the first African American but also the first woman in County history named Sheriff. COBA welcomes this historic change and hopes it ushers in a new era for this Department with the aim of turning this place around and having it run in a much more efficient and professional manner. The last decade has not been very good to the men and women who work here. We have toiled under extremely difficult circumstances from the wage freeze to unprecedented mismanagement. We wish Vera all the best of luck in what will most certainly be a difficult and demanding job. 
With our best wishes to Vera came this Union's strong demand to the Administration of the County to not only appoint a new Sheriff but also provide the proper tools and support to run this Dept effectively and efficiently. Any continuation of the practices of the past administration or simply copying the former Sheriff's playbook will be met with immediate resistance and only result in the failure of the new Sheriff. You cannot simply say a new Sheriff will cure all the ails of this Dept without giving her what she needs to run this place effectively. Politics and scapegoating must be removed while professionalism and respect must be restored to this workforce.
We wish Very Fludd well in her new adventure and hope to work closely with her to restore this Dept to its proper place in the Law Enforcement Community. 
Attached is a video link of COBA's statement at yesterday's Legislative Hearing.
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